Welcome to the Website for the SHEcan Research Project

construction and cancerThe two-year SHEcan project, sponsored by EC DG Employment in Luxembourg, began in 2009, and completed its work in April 2011.

The project carried out a robust investigation into the Socioeconomic, Health, and Environmental impact associated with a range of policy options for amendments to Directive 2004/37/EC (Carcinogens or Mutagens at work).

The purpose of the assessment was to enable the European Commission (EC) to initiate informed discussions with stakeholders about potential impacts of developments.

The SHEcan Project website is no longer actively updated after completiuon of the project. However, further information on reports and other output from the project is still available below and from the other pages on the site.


Further information about the project can also be obtained from the project leader, Professor John Cherrie, email: john.cherrie@iom-world.org.


Further information on the IOM’s research activities and capabilities is available from http://www.iom-world.org/research.


Note: All information presented on this website is provided by the SHEcan project team and does not constitute official information from the European Commission.